Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrapbook layout

Today I'm going to post something a bit different. I was at a crop this weekend and we had a scrapbook contest. Each of us was given the same items and had to use at least part of each item. I have never done a scrapbook page on my own so this was a definite challenge for me, but I did manage to finish it, and although it certainly wasn't the best there, at least I wasn't ashamed of it; so I will post pictures of the two page layout. You won't be able to see it full size so the pictures are a little difficult to see clearly but here goes! LOL The subject is our nine year old granddaughter, and I looked at various roles for her. I tried to be funny so the picture of her learning to ride her 2 wheel bicycle is "Student Driver" and the picture of her dressed like the Bristish dog trainer for Halloween last year is just that "Dog Trainer". The picture of her just before the Father Daughter Valentine Dance is "Party Girl". Unfortunately you can't see the expression on her face as her mother is cutting the face on the Jack-O-Lantern. That earned that picture the title "Supervisor" as she looked very stern and uncompromising in that picture. You also aren't able to see that in picture 8 she has a large ball under her shirt making her look pregnant so that picture is "Comedian".


  1. I bet you learned a lot. I learned some from J's niece when she helped us do our "Bike trip". They do have some clever ideas don't they? Wish I could get to see all the pictures clearer. I can imagine what they would tell us. ;-)

  2. Great job Rose scrapbooking is so much fun haven't done any lately but I am due.

  3. Looks good, Rose. Seems like you found another hobby to take up. BJ



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